W.H. Goss Crested Ware Trivet "Inverness"

By admin - Posted on 17 February 2014

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W.H. Goss souvenir crested china trivet or teapot stand from Inverness which is a city in the Scottish Highlands, depicted on the Coat of Arms is "Concordia Et Fidelitas" Inverness. Jesus on the Cross is shown with the camel and the elephand supporting the crest. W.H. Goss is made in England.

Black backstamp : W.H. GOSS under the Falcon bird. Impressed in the underside of the rim is W. H. GOSS.

Colour : Cream, red, green brown, black, gilt trim.

Made : c.1920's - c.1940's.

Condition : Good with no chips, cracks or crazing. There is some wear to the camel and the elephant.

Size : Square 14cm, Height 2cm.

Price: $55.00 GST inc.