W.H. Goss Crested Ware Cauldron "Wallingford" Seal

By admin - Posted on 17 February 2014

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W.H. Goss souvenir crested china footed cauldron from Wallingford, depicting "Wallingford" Seal, in Oxfordshire. The Macbeth quote on the other side of the cauldron is "Double Double Toyle and Trouble Fyre Burne and Caldrone Bubble". W.H. Goss crested china is made in England.

Black backstamp : W.H. GOSS under the Falcon bird.

Colour : Cream, red, yellow, green blue, brown, black.

Made : c.1920's - c.1940's.

Condition : Very good wth no chips, cracks or crazing.

Size : Diameter across base 6cm, Height 5cm.

Price: $45.00 GST inc.