Victorian Silver Plate Egg Boiler/Coddler

By admin - Posted on 07 April 2011

$225.00 GST inc.
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Quality Victorian silver plate lidded egg boiler/coddler, the interior is fitted with a removable section that hold four eggs. The heat is supplied by a small removable spirit burner which sits on a stand at the base. The base sits on three bun feet. There is some wear to the silver plating inside at the bottom where the water sits. These boilers were used to cook eggs at the table, the eggs were placed inside the container with a detachable frame, boiling water poured in, the cover replaced and the burner set alight. The eggs were ready approximately seven minutes later.

Silversmith maker : Unknown, possibly made in England.

Colour : Silver plate.

Made : C.1880s.

Condition : Very good, there are some dets to the rim where the lid fits on the main part of the      egg boiler/coddler.

Size : Width 10cm, Height 23cm, Depth 10cm.

Price: $225.00 GST inc.